The Wonderful World of Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming boasts many benefits to anybody in possession of a uterus. Many of us are living day to day with an unhealthy uterus and irregular periods and we don’t even know it. My whole life I’ve thought that severe cramping, brown blood and heavy bleeding were all just normal period symptoms. But what if I told you those are NOT normal period symptoms? What if I told you that those are all signs that your uterus isn’t getting a full cleanse each month and that you have old residue left sitting in your womb? Brown blood is a sign of stagnation and heavy cramping is an indicator that your uterus is working hard contracting to try and eliminate matter that shouldn’t be in there. I’m sure, like me, you’re thinking “but the uterus is a self cleansing organ…it shouldn’t need anything extra. The body takes care of itself”. Yes, this is true. However! Our modern day busy lives have thrown a wrench into our well oiled womb. In a world where we’re expected to get on with our day, make money, pay bills, keep up with the Jones' it's hard to make time for resting, nourishing and hydrating during our menses. Instead, we are expected to pull up our boot straps and get on with our busy lives. Care products such as tampons are fantastic for this but they don't allow our uterus to fully empty and cleanse and creates an opportunity for old blood to sit stagnant. Our modern world doesn't allow us the time and space to take proper care of our wombs and it catches up with us.

Vaginal steaming, or yoni steaming, helps the body to stimulate a full cleanse of the uterus and allows us to regain healthy, regular periods free from excessive cramping, bleeding and discomfort. With regular vaginal steaming AND proper healthy period care our bodies can function the way they are designed to.

Here are a few of the countless benefits to vaginal steaming:

- Increased energy and decreased fatigue

- Aids in a quick and healthy postpartum healing

- Can help in the healing of tears, episiotomies and c-section scars

- Reduction in menstrual symptoms such as heavy bleeding, bloating, brown blood and cramping

- Boosts fertility

- Increases circulation and tightens skin

- Helps with relaxation and can raise libido

- Treats hemorrhoids

- Helps to get and maintain a regular and healthy period

- Can help treat fibroids, cysts and infections naturally

- Gives a proper uterine cleanse to remove stagnation

Is vaginal steaming for you?

Yoni steaming is useful for everyone from young girls who are pre-menstrual to post-menopausal women. However there are a few contraindications to steaming:

- If you are currently experiencing fresh bleeding or spotting

- If you are currently pregnant

- If you are trying to conceive and are in your two week waiting window (between period and ovulation steaming is ok)

- If you experience any spontaneous bleeding or two periods a month

If you experience any of these, you should resolve any of these issues before attempting yoni steaming.

If you're interested in learning more or setting up some steaming session, please get in contact with me today!

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